Course Duration : 3 Months

Topic Covered: Tally, GST, e-billing.

Detailed Syllabus

Module 1. Basic Accounting (7 DAYS)

•Fundamentals of accounts.

• Type of account 

• Rules of Debit or Credit 

• Introduction of Tally 

• Advantage of Tally 

Module 2 .Company information  (7 DAYS)

• Select company 

• Shut company 

• Create company 

• Alter 

• Backup 

• Restore

Module 3 .Gateway of Tally Account info          (7 DAYS)

• Group 

• Ledgers 

• Voucher types

Module 4 .Inventory info (10 DAYS)

• Stock group 

• Stock item 

• Units of Measurement

Module 5 .Accounting Vouchers (20 DAYS)

• Contra 

• Payment & Receipt 

• Sale 

• Purchase 

• Journal



• Create Company and Activate GST  in Company Level 

• Creating Master and Set GST Rates 

• Creating Tax Ledgers 

• Recording GST Sales and Printing Invoices 

• Recording GST Interstate Sales and Printing Invoices 

• Recording an Advance to Supplier under GST

• Recording GST Local Purchase 

• Recording GST Interstate

Module 7 .Bank Reconciliation    (10 DAYS)

Bank Reconciliation Overview

Bank Reconciliation Terminology

Bank Reconciliation Procedure

Bank Reconciliation Problems

Module 8 .Financial Statements (7 DAYS)

What is Balance sheet

Opening Balance sheet

Types of Balance sheet formats

Profit and Loss account 


Income and Expenditure account


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